Get Your Backyard Pool Ready for Summer Fun With These 4 Decoration Ideas

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Get Your Backyard Pool Ready for Summer Fun With These 4 Decoration Ideas

20 December 2016
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Even though it's winter, it does not mean that you should not start thinking about summer pool parties. If you have a nice, big backyard inground pool, then you have a really nice spot to throw summer parties. So, if you feel like improving the space for parties, here are some things you should consider getting.

Pool Volleyball Net With Anchors

A really great way for party guests to enjoy your pool is to play volleyball. You will need to get a volleyball net and anchors (plus a volleyball designed for pool use). The net and poles are shorter than regular volleyball nets that you will see at the beach because people will be in the water. The anchors are set up on either sides of the pool (on the cement skirt, not in the water). You don't have to worry about drilling into your pool patio because the anchors are portable. They are basically heavy sand filled weights that the volleyball poles fit into. This way, when you are done with the net, you can dissemble everything and move it into your garage.

Wireless Speakers

If you want music for your party, then you should get a set of wireless speakers. These can be moved around your backyard without necessitating you running an extension cord to your house for electricity. You should consider a bluetooth enabled speaker system that will enable you to play music from your computer or phone.

Outdoor Fire Pit

A nice look for a backyard party, especially if you are throwing a party in the evening, is a fire pit. This will provide a really cool focal point for your guests to sit around at night. You can get a fire pit with a metal mesh screen on top that will prevent sparks from flying up. This is important if you have lots of trees with low hanging branches. You can place the chairs around the fire pit and they won't be worried about fire sparks landing on them. You can load up the firepit bowl with branches or small logs and have a nice fire on a summer night

Charcoal Smoker Grill

Another really important part of a cool outdoor space is a BBQ grill. This will let you enjoy the space while you are cooking, and not have to spend the time indoors while your guests are outdoors relaxing and having fun by the pool. While many people get a gas grill, or a simple charcoal grill, you should consider a really nice charcoal smoker. These are great if you are really into cooking and want to make some fancy smoked meats, in addition to regular hot dogs and hamburgers.

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