Simple Safety Do's and Don'ts for Kids in Hot Tubs

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Simple Safety Do's and Don'ts for Kids in Hot Tubs

22 December 2016
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Most children love to do anything that they see their parents doing. That's why moms and dads teach with their behavior as well as their words. When it comes to spending time in a hot tub, little ones will want to enjoy the same fun as their parents. As long as they are at least school-age and tall enough to stand in the hot tub with their head completely above the highest water line, it's worth considering whether you should let your child enjoy time in the hot tub. While you try to make that decision, consider these simple do's and don'ts.

Do Make Supervision a Priority

Hot tubs should be treated with the same concern that you have for swimming pools. Always have a hot tub in a room that you keep locked. Make sure children never access it unless you are supervising them. You should always make sure an adult has direct supervision of a child any time they are in or around the hot tub, and the adult should be immediately able to access little ones and pull them out of the water.

Don't Allow Extended Use

Children shouldn't be allowed to soak in the hot tub for a long period of time. At the high temperatures of the hot tub over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, never let a child spend more than five minutes in the hot tub. If the temperature of the water is 98 degrees Fahrenheit or lower, they may be able to enjoy the water for a bit longer, but try to keep the time a child spends in a hot tub to a minimum. It should be a brief, refreshing treat for a child.

Do Have Strict Rules for Use

Discuss strict rules of the hot tub directly with your children, including the fact that they can only enjoy it under adult supervision and should never try to access it while they are alone. Also, make sure they know what is expected of them when they do use the hot tub. Keep it simple but strict. Discuss the rules, then have them posted by the hot tub as a reminder. Make sure your child has big consequences for breaking the rules so that they take them very seriously.

Finally, keep in mind that every child is different, and you should consult with your pediatrician about whether a hot tub is right for your kid. Discuss any possible health concerns and why you are unsure if the hot tub is right for your little one. Trust your instincts and always err on the side of caution. To make sure your hot tub is ready for use, talk to a company like Ole's Pool & Spa.