How To Keep Your Pool Clean

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How To Keep Your Pool Clean

6 January 2017
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There's nothing worse than getting all ready to go for a swim in your relaxing and beautiful pool, only to find that it's not exactly a cool blue color but green instead. That nasty green pool could be filled with algae, bacteria, and who knows what else. Keeping your pool clean takes work and a balance of chemicals to make it safe to swim in. See below for tips on how to keep your swimming pool clean this summer and to avoid the green cesspool.


Vacuuming your pool often will help keep your pool clean. You can vacuum it manually (once or more per week) using a brush vacuum head and handle attached to a hose that runs to your filter. Depending on the size of your pool it can take you anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour (or more) to vacuum your pool manually. If you don't have the time to vacuum your pool yourself, you can invest in an automatic pool vacuum that runs on its own. There are a number of different types of automatic pool vacuums on the market. The type depends on your pool and how much you want to spend.

Add Chemicals

Invest in a pool chemical testing kit which can be found at your local pool store. The kit can tell you what chemicals your pool is low on such as pH, chlorine, alkalinity, and stabilizer levels. Add the necessary chemicals to your pool, and test your pool again to see if the levels are back in the normal range. Remember that when adding chemicals such as chlorine, the sun can burn it off quickly. Add chemicals in the evening after the sun as gone down for best results.

Mix It Up

Pools that have sat for some time can build up with a dust at the bottom. Keep it mixed by getting in it and actually using your pool, or keep your filter running to help keep your water moving around. You can adjust the water return by moving the eyeball, or install a piece of elbow PVC pipe to change the flow of your water.

Remove Leaves

Skim the surface of your pool to remove leaves and bugs to keep them from sinking to the bottom of your pool. Clean out the skimmer basket often as well to get rid of leaves and other debris that have been sucked into it. If you have a lot of trees near your pool, think about trimming the limbs back to prevent leaves from falling into your pool.

It takes work to clean your pool and to keep it clean all season long. It isn't a chore that you can skip out on and expect your pool to stay clean. It will turn green and be filled with algae before too long. Hire a pool cleaning service like The Watermill if you don't have the time to keep your pool clean yourself.