Four Ways to Customize Your Hot Tub Area

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Four Ways to Customize Your Hot Tub Area

9 January 2017
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Whether you do a lot of entertaining, or you simply want to make your hot tub feel more like a relaxing retreat, there are many ways you can customize your hot tub. Work with your contractor to create a custom design for the area around the hot tub, and use the following ideas as inspiration. 

Add a Bar Area

The space around your hot tub can be a great place to set up a bar area. Work with your contractor to build a counter that extends from the sides of the hot tub, and place cozy outdoor bar stools under the counter. This offers a space to share a drink with your guests whether you are in or out of the hot tub. Add LED string lights under the counter for a fun finishing touch that also helps to illuminate the space at night.

Create a Cabana

To give your hot tub more of a resort feel, consider building a shade structure around it. This gives the area a cabana look, and it also gives you a way to get out of the sun while you soak. Consider adding breezy outdoor curtains on all sides of the structure for added privacy and a unique appearance. The curtains can be tied back when you are entertaining. If building a custom structure isn't an option, you can also purchase a gazebo from a local home improvement store, which can be placed over the hot tub.

Install a TV

What's better than binge-watching your favorite shows? Binge-watching your favorite shows while enjoying your hot tub. You can mount a television to the exterior wall of your home for watching your favorite shows and sporting events. Invest in an outdoor TV case, which protects the television from the elements, and add an outdoor TV cover for added protection when the TV is not in use. You may also want to consider installing outdoor speakers so you can boost the volume or enjoy your favorite playlists.

Add a Tropical Touch

To make your hot tub feel more like it's an escape from the everyday world. consider surrounding it with tropical plants. You can use artificial potted trees and plants if your climate won't support real flowers and trees. Line the trees around the hot tub to create a wall of foliage, and consider hanging potted plants from your shade structure. With so much beautiful greenery, your hot tub will offer a calming place to relax.

Discuss your ideas with your contractor like Anchor Pools & Spas, and decide which of these options is right for you. With a few custom touches, your hot tub can be a wonderful place to entertain or to get away from the rest of the world.