Signs You Need To Repair Your Pool Pump

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Signs You Need To Repair Your Pool Pump

27 January 2017
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Your pool pump is arguably the most important part of your pool. It moves water from your pool through the pool filter, keeping the water that you swim in clean and suitable for swimming. This means that if your pool pump were to fail, your entire pool would quickly become dirty with debris and organic waste. Thankfully, there are a couple of early warning signals that you can watch out for to help determine when you need to contact a pool professional to service or replace your pool pump.

Increased Noise of Operation

While it would be impossible for your pool pump to operate completely silently, it should also not be an obnoxiously loud appliance when it kicks into gear. If your pump completely drowns out other ambient noise and makes it hard to have a conversation, there is likely something seriously wrong with one of the internal components. In addition, you should listen to any signs of grinding, rubbing, or screeching, as these can presage an imminent failure. If you hear anything that gives you concern, you should shut the pump off right away and contact a pool professional as soon as you can.

Power Surges

If your pool pump causes a breaker in your central breaker box to trip either erratically or consistently, you should contact a professional immediately as there is an electrical issue. Power surges represent a problem either with the wiring of your pump or damage to the motor itself, both of which are fairly serious and will likely require you to replace the entire pump. However, the issue can also sometimes (albeit rarely) lie with another component of your pump, or another appliance connected to the same breaker, which is why you should get a contractor to take a look.

No Operation

If your pool pump fails to operate in the slightest, and makes no noise when you try to turn it on, it has likely frozen into place and needs to be replaced. However, before coming to that conclusion and purchasing a new pump, you should check to ensure that the pump is properly plugged in to its power source, and the breaker hasn't been tripped. If the wiring looks to be in good shape, however, it is likely that the motor itself has given up. However, if the pump is making noise, but isn't operating properly or at all, you should call a pool contractor instead. The issue likely lies with another component of the pump, and likely can be repaired fairly simply. 

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