Building A New Pool? 3 Steps To Keep Your Vinyl Liner In Pristine Condition

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Building A New Pool? 3 Steps To Keep Your Vinyl Liner In Pristine Condition

30 January 2017
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Swimming pools are a major investment. In fact, next to your home, your swimming pool may be your biggest financial investment. Because of the time and money you're investing in your pool, you want to make sure it lasts for as long as possible. If you've decided to have a vinyl liner installed in your swimming pool, you'll need to provide it with some additional maintenance. Here are three steps you should take to keep your vinyl liner in pristine condition.

Never Use Abrasive Cleansers

Your vinyl liner will need to be kept clean, especially along the edges. The area along the water line is susceptible to dirt buildup. To prevent damage, you should avoid using abrasive cleaners to remove the dirt from your liner. Abrasive cleansers can eat away at the protective coating on your liner and lead to premature deterioration of the vinyl. To keep your liner clean, wipe the area above the water line with a soft cloth or sponge.

Dissolve Your Powdered Chlorine

If you're going to be using powdered chlorine in your pool, it's important that you always dissolve it completely before pouring it into your pool. Pouring powdered chlorine directly into the pool can lead to bleaching and discoloration of the pool liner, especially if the chlorine settles at the bottom of the pool. For best results, fill a bucket with water and add the chlorine. Stir the chlorine granules until they're completely dissolved, and then pour the contents into the pool. Use your pool skimmer to disperse the contents of the bucket throughout the pool.

Clean Your Vacuum Before Use

You might not realize this, but your vacuum can cause considerable damage to your pool, especially if you don't clean it after each use. Particles of dirt, sand, and even small rocks can get stuck in the bristles. When that happens, the liner can be torn during the next use. To prevent damage caused by your vacuum, be sure to clean the bristles after each use. Simply remove the vacuum head and wash it with your garden hose. Be sure to inspect the vacuum head before each use.

Now that you're going to have a swimming pool installed in your yard, be sure that you provide it with the proper care. This is particularly important when it comes to the vinyl liner. The tips provided here will help you keep your liner in tiptop shape. For more information on pool liners, contact a company like PoolAgain.