Your Guide To Pool Repairs To Get Your Pool Opened For Summer

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Your Guide To Pool Repairs To Get Your Pool Opened For Summer

3 December 2017
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With the summer here, it is getting late to start opening your pool. The repairs that your pool needs may have set you back when it comes to opening your pool, but with professional help, it is never too late for a pool opening party. Here are some of the repairs that your pool could need before it is time for opening:

Pool Damaged Caused Over Months of Winter Weather

Over months of winter weather, your pool suffers outside in the harsh conditions. If the pool was not closed properly, you can be sure that you are going to need some repairs. One of the common problems is plumbing and equipment that had water left in it to freeze. As the freezing water expanded, it could have caused cracked pipes, leaking connections and damage to pump and filtration parts. The lines and all the components will need to be inspected for leaks and signs of damage when opening your pool.

Leaks Due to Old Pool Surfaces That Are In Need Of Repairs

Pool surfaces of all types age and eventually need some type of small repair. Some leaks will be more noticeable, while the most common problems are not seen at the first initial glance. There is a simple method to find pool leaks using a bucket of water in the pool. Using the bucket test, the level of water in the bucket will evaporate slower than the water level in a leaking pool. If your pool has failed the bucket test, we can help locate the problem and complete repairs for you to continue enjoying your pool for the summer.

Upgrades To Improve Your Pool Before Summer Opening

Summer is here and if you are still waiting to open your pool, it may be time for some upgrades first. We can help with the installation of improved filtration equipment, heaters and LED pool lighting solutions that will help you save. There are some improvements that can be completed at any type, while others are best to do when the pool is drained or has not been opened yet. Winter is a good time to consider draining your pool to have some of these repairs done.

These are some of the repairs that your pool could need before it is time for a pool opening party. Contact us to help with all your pool repair needs and enjoy the rest of the summer by the water's edge.