3 Steps To Creating The Custom Pool Of Your Dreams

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When I was a kid, I absolutely loved to go swimming. Because I didn’t have a swimming pool, I begged my parents to take me to a neighbor’s house during the hot summer months. Thankfully, my friendly neighbors didn’t mind me coming over in order to swim in their pool. Some of my best childhood memories were made while splashing in this refreshing pool. Do you want to make your kids’ childhoods amazing? Consider hiring a pool contractor to install a beautiful pool in your backyard. Installing a pool on your property will create the perfect space for you and your family to spend quality time at for many years to come. On this blog, I hope you will discover the advantages of hiring a pool contractor to help you make your outdoor dreams a reality.


3 Steps To Creating The Custom Pool Of Your Dreams

4 February 2018
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If you want to create a custom pool, you are really going to want to think about what you want and need when designing your pool.

Create A Dream Book

There are so many different ways that your pool can look, and the best way to communicate to your contractor what you want is by creating a dream book or a look book. Inside of this book, print out pictures of different pools that you like. Also, be sure to include pictures of different features that you like as well, such as tiles, lights, landscaping, and waterfalls that you might like to incorporate into your pool design.

That way, when you meet with the architect who will design your pool, you will be able to easily show them what kind of look, style, and features that you are interested in.

Determine How You Want to Use Your Pool

Next, you need to determine how you want to use your pool. Yes, you will want to swim in your pool. But will you be having lots of little kids swim in your pool? If so, you might want to think about installing a wadding area in your pool, so the kids have shallow space to play in.

Do you want to sit and tan by the pool? Make sure that you put a really big patio around your pool so that you have room to put out big lounge chairs that you can relax in. Do you want to make food by the pool? Have an area for a barbeque and space to put up table or two.

Asking yourself how you want to use the pool, and writing down how you want to use the pool, can help you refine and make decisions about what features are important for your custom dream pool.

Plan for Safety

Finally, make sure that safety is always a part of your plan. You want to protect your pool area and make it safe. Protecting your pool area will help keep your own family safe, and will help protect you from liability claims from accidents if someone wanders into your yard.

You should put a fence around your pool area. It doesn't have to be directly around the pool; it can be around your entire backyard pool set-up. When not using the pool, be sure to have a custom cover made for the pool. Think about adding and installing security alarms, so you know if anyone enters the pool area without permission.

If you want to install a custom pool this year, start by building a dream book of all the features that you want your pool to have as well as pictures of pools that you find inspiring. Then, write down how you want to use your pool and come up with how your desires will impact your pool design. Finally, be sure to include safety features in your final pool design. Taking the time to really think and plan out your custom swimming pool will help ensure that the pool you get is really the pool of your dreams.