4 Tips For Cleaning And Caring For Natural Pool Filtration Systems Over The Winter Months

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4 Tips For Cleaning And Caring For Natural Pool Filtration Systems Over The Winter Months

18 November 2018
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During the winter months, there is maintenance and care to do for your pool. With natural pool designs and filtration systems, there are different needs and maintenance that needs to be done. You want to make sure that equipment is protected from winter freezes and plants and animals stay safe through the winter months. Here are some tips to help with cleaning and caring for pools with natural filtration system designs during the winter months:

1. Preparing Pool Equipment for The Winter Months to Prevent Damage

Freezing temperatures can cause serious damage to pool equipment like pumps, filters, and pipes. Therefore, you want to use less equipment during the winter months to ensure that winter freezing does not cause damage. All the equipment that you do not need during the winter, should be winterized by turning it off and removing water from pumps and lines.

2. Routine Care for Natural Filtration Plant Life That Is Vulnerable to Winter Weather

The plant life that you choose to use in a natural pool filtration design will also need care throughout the winter months. While many species of plants will be fine during the cold weather, there may be some plants that need to be removed and cared for inside during the winter months due to them being vulnerable during cold winter weather.

3. Being Prepared for Warm Weather Algae Blooms and Emergency Cleaning of Pool

During the winter months, it is usually very cold, but a blast of warm air or an early spring can cause unexpected algae bloom in your pool. You want to be prepared for these problems and control algae problems before they grow out of control. Remove growth and treat the water if necessary, to prevent algae problems from getting worse.

4. Routine Inspections of Pool Filtration Equipment for Winter Damage 

Routine inspections of pool filtration equipment should be done before, during and after winter weather. With a natural pool filtration design, there may be a minimal amount of equipment used to keep water circulating throughout the year, and this equipment is the most vulnerable to damage when freezing weather arrives.

These are some tips that will help with the care and maintenance of your natural pool filtration system throughout the winter months. You can contact a pool cleaning service for help with some of the maintenance and care your pool will need to keep it clean throughout winter.