What To Consider Before Installing An Indoor Pool

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What To Consider Before Installing An Indoor Pool

22 February 2019
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An indoor pool takes pool ownership to another level. With an indoor pool, you can enjoy a quick swim without ever leaving the confines of your home and you don't have to worry about the weather, as your pool is always accessible. Undoubtedly, indoor pools are fantastic, but it's important to mention that they do come with some design elements that aren't always required when you construct a pool outside. 

Vapor Barrier

Professional pool contractors work hard to ensure that each pool is constructed with safety and durability in mind. However, the reality is that unexpected events do happen at times. The role of a vapor barrier is to provide you with an added level of protection in the event you face a mishap, such as a crack in the pool. 

A vapor barrier is basically a wall-like structure that keeps water out of the rest of your home. These walls are typically made from materials like glass, rubber, or metal. In the event of a mishap, a vapor barrier can keep the damage limited to the pool area and protect the rest of your home. 

Dehumidifier System

Moisture comes with the territory when you have a swimming pool. However, too much moisture inside your home can spell trouble. Unregulated humidity can lead to mold and mildew growth, water damage, and even structural damage if the moisture issue remains unchecked for some time. As part of your pool installation, you will also need to ensure that a proper dehumidification system is in place so that the moist and humid air issue is resolved. 

It's important to understand that a small dehumidifier in the room will not be enough. You need a specialized system in order to control the level of humidity an indoor pool will create. The size of the system will need to correlate with the size of the pool. 

Structural Support

If you plan to build the pool in an existing area of your home, you will need to perform some foundation reinforcement to ensure the pool has the level of structural support necessary, such as added steel support bars. Without this added level of support, the foundation will not be able to support the weight of the pool.

If you plan to build onto your home to support the pool, the foundation should be constructed with the same steel bars. 

Thinking about installing an indoor pool in your home? Speak with a contractor like Elite Pools. A contractor can take your design ideas, determine what your home can support, and help you determine what you need to do to construct the pool you want.