Reduce The Time You Care For Your Pool So You Can Use It More

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Reduce The Time You Care For Your Pool So You Can Use It More

17 May 2019
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It's finally here: summer, the time to fire up the grill and sip lemonade while floating around the pool. This year, is it your hope to have more time to spend enjoying the pool than you did last year? Here, you'll find a few tips that'll help reduce the time you spend taking care of your pool so that you'll have more time to enjoy it.

Hire a Pool Maintenance Crew

Instead of spending all of your precious time cleaning the pool, maintaining the pumps and adjusting the chemicals, hire a pool maintenance crew to tend to things for you. There are many services available to the point where you wouldn't have to do anything with your pool all summer except swim in it.

Talk with the pool maintenance professionals to learn what the services will cost. You can pick and choose from the services that are offered and select the ones that will meet your budget and remove the tasks that are most daunting or time-consuming.

Note: If you're not very good with balancing the chemicals in the pool, consider leaving it to the professionals or asking for help with learning how to properly do it. If the chemicals aren't balanced properly, it will take much more work to keep the water and the pool clean all summer long.

Trim or Remove Trees

Do you spend a lot of time fishing leaves and small branches out of your swimming pool? If you have trees around the property, it's time to think about either trimming them back or removing them altogether. Those trees drop so much debris into the pool that it can take quite a while to clear away the debris after a heavy storm.

Upgrade your Equipment

Have you ever thought about getting an automatic pool cleaner? These pool sweepers are a great addition to a swimming pool set-up. Instead of having to stand there sweeping every inch of the pool, you'll just place the cleaner into the pool and let it do the work for you. It will move around the pool just like a Roomba sweeps the home.

If your pool filter hasn't been replaced in the past several years, it might be time to consider upgrading the system. Newer systems require less electricity to operate and are more effective when it comes to keeping the pool water clean.

Talk to the swimming pool professionals near you to find out more ways that you can reduce the time it takes you to care for your pool this summer.