Custom Above Ground Pool Designs With All The Luxury Features You Want

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Custom Above Ground Pool Designs With All The Luxury Features You Want

30 March 2021
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There are times when installing an inground pool is not practical. These situations are often due to terrain and other issues. But, you may still want to have a luxury pool design for your home. Today, above-ground pool designs have come a long way, and there are a lot of options for your home. The following above-ground ideas will help you create the custom pool design you are looking for:

Above Ground Pool with Vinyl Liners

One of the most affordable options that you may want to consider for your pool is having a vinyl liner installed. Some of the things that you will want to consider for an above-ground pool with a vinyl liner include:

  • Exterior finishes of wood or masonry
  • Installing mounting system for the liner
  • Thickness and pattern options for the liner

Installing vinyl liners are an affordable solution for the finishes of an above-ground pool design.

Concrete and Tile Above Ground Pool Designs

Another great solution to consider for the design of an above-ground pool is concrete. There are a lot of options for the feature of a concrete and tile pool design:

  • Installing custom-formed shapes with concrete
  • Creating custom mosaic finishes for surfacing
  • Adding custom-built water features to the design

The tilework that you have done to your pool is a great way to give it a custom look.

Custom Design Options with Glass In Above Ground Pools

There are also custom glass features that can be added to above-ground pool designs. These features will enhance the appearance of your pool with modern, contemporary features. Some of the options to add custom glass to the design of your above ground pool include:

  • Glass sidewalls
  • Custom water features with glass
  • Glass windows mounted in sidewalls

The addition of custom glass is also a great way to create attractive water features like infinite pools.

Pool Equipment and Water Features to the Design

There are also different equipment options for above-ground pool designs. Some of the above-ground pool equipment to consider having installed include:

  • Lighting around the pool
  • Pumps that provide circulation
  • Specially designed skimmers

There may be small differences in the equipment that you have installed for an above-ground pool. This is often for pools that have custom-built features like waterfalls or need a different type of pump for circulation and filtration needs.

These are some above-ground pool design options for custom features that enhance the appearance of the new space you are investing in. Contact an above-ground pool installation service to discuss these ideas for your home.